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Elf on a Shelf with a 3-ddler

I told myself I would never do elf on a shelf. I figured I’d let Emz believe in Christmas the good old fashioned way. Seriously, elf on a shelf is created by someone who decided they needed an extra hand in behavior reinforcement from an elf who came from the North Pole by Santa’s order. They told their kids¬† to behaveor else this snitch, oh I mean scout elf is watching their every move. This was one the things I was against. It’s just overall kind of creepy and an unnecessary step. Either way, I gave in (I knew I would) because I get bored and thought, sure, why not devote an extra 30 minutes to an hour before bed to commit to this elf thing?? It is amazing the things I will do to entertain myself. I mean lets be honest, at the age of 3 who is this REALLY for? Me of course, to test the limits of my creativity and to see if I can match up to my fellow pinterest parents. So this post is for the parents who want to start elf on a shelf for their younger kids despite them not really understanding what the heck the elf is there for. Continue Reading


DIY: Moana Flower Crown

Hi guys! I’m back today with my first DIY post! My daughter has just turned 2 and we did a Moana themed party! I ordered her outfit from etsy and wanted to recreate the flower crown Moana wears in the movie. After some google searching, I found an adorable little girl on youtube making the headband and followed along ūüôā I decided to go ahead and post a step-by-step here in case you’re like me and need pictures and more details. Continue Reading


5 Tips for NOLA First Timers

I am proud to say that I completed my 1st trip to New Orleans. I’m going to answer those burning questions in your mind now.¬†Yes, it was a totally spontaneous trip No, I did not bring my daughter. Yes, my husband was home with her.¬†Yes, she is alive and was just fine without me. Yes, I would do it again. Heck, we are already planning our 2nd trip! Thought I’d add that little bit since so many people are concerned with parents that go anywhere without their kids in tow. Anyways, this trip came about because I was talking to my friend at work about New Orleans since she was going to go there this year for a wedding. We talked about how cool it would be and how I wanted to tag along, etc. That conversation stuck in my head and gave me ideas. Obviously Nola is on everyone’s bucket list and I just had something inside me say DON’T WAIT, DO IT LIKE RIGHT NOW. Probably the following week or so, on April 19th, I textedmy BFFd and said “what u think bout planning a NEw Orleans trip lol” <— actual text. She said:


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ROAD DAWG ROAD TRIP!!!…….and it is history from there. :mrgreen:

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How to make marriage work.. plus 1

Hubz¬†and I got married after 9 years of being together. We are complete opposites¬†but the affection and attraction that we felt towards one another was were our personalities. We both began dating each other when we were young and learning how to love that way adults do. Still, we are two very hot headed people. As we got older we learned how to be a little less jealous and a little less possessive. We had nearly 10 years to work it all out. 10 years to perfect and tweek our relationship before we had our LO¬†so that we could show her¬†what “true love” looks like. Well lets be 100% honest here.

There is NO magic number when it comes to marriage.
Either you work it out forever or you get divorced.

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The Struggle

Leave it to children to make faces that allow for memes. This is literally me trying to keep up with blogging and I’m crying out for help. My lack of wordpress knowledge is very sad but hey I’m trying and I think I got the basics down for the most part. This is my 2nd run at this. The first run- I think I had one or two people read my very exciting (not really) blog announcement and that was the end of it. I posted one thing and left another in draft. That was a few months ago. Things can change very quickly as you can see. Continue Reading